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Listed below are a few of the services I provide.  Contact me for a quote!

Web Design

​Websites are like resumes; no one should write their own. Provide objectives and perform due diligence but let the writers who know how to market a brand, design your site.

Ad / Email  Campaigns

​Direct mail campaigns are effective for some businesses but email marketing and social networking allows businesses to measure success in real-time; providing strategic reports, analysis and a greater return on investment at a fraction of the cost.   I design, implement and manage your marketing campaigns.

Logos & Taglines

Designing a logo that represents your brand ​and makes an impact is just the beginning of our collaboration.  Crafting a tagline and orchestrating a marketing plan that introduces your brand is where the fun commences!  Let's introduce your vision!

Integrated Marketing

​Creating partnerships and taking brands across multiple platforms is an awesome challenge. For nearly 20 years, I've had the pleasure of working on everything from product placement to pro-social co-branded initiatives.   I've worked with numerous brands... ranging from Sam Adams to Toyota, from TMobile to Dr. Pepper, from the US Marine Corps to British Airways and nearly every major brand in between.